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BNSUD Uniform: SHIRTS: Style: The approved shirt style is the same as the major league style. The shirt must have the BNSUD logo (crested or embroidered) on the shirt. Colours: The approved and mandatory colour is black. Powder blue is an option, but both umpires would need to wear the same colour. All officials working provincials for BNSUD for shall carry the black shirt. T-SHIRTS: All umpires must wear an undershirt (t-shirt) and the entire crew must wear the same colour. Black Pants: Pants should be Charcoal grey, not Heather grey. CAPS: Caps can either the embroidered logo (preferred) or a sewn on BNSUD crest. Black caps are to be worn with the black shirts. JACKET: Black major league style jackets with the logo on the left chest may be worn with matching black caps. http://www.pro-image.ca On a cool day, it is common for the base umpires to wear jackets and the plate umpire to wear a shirt. If this occurs, the plate umpire must wear Black. BALL BAGS: can be either black or black SHOES, BELT and Socks: must be black, however, many manufacturers are now producing shoes with some white on them is allowed. Mask: (black) Inside protectorShin guardsCup.
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Baseball umpiring, the only profession where you have to be perfect the first day and get better from there.
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Black is the main colour power blue is an option,but both umpires would need the same colour. pants should be charcoal grey, not Heather grey.