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Baseball Canada National Certification Program:

LEVEL FOUR (4) NATIONAL CERTIFICATION Umpires must be recommended for National

Shall have been evaluated by Training Committee as a candidate for advancement.

Shall have been certified and registered for five previous years and shall currently be a Level
Three umpire.

Shall attend and pass the Provincial Elite Umpire Training Program every year.

Shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age

Must write Baseball Canada (U.D.P.) Level 4 Exam every year, attaining pass mark of 86%

All national certified umpires must attend the SUPER CLINIC each year. If unable to attend SUPER
CLINIC Program due to extenuating circumstances, you MUST SUBMIT THE PRE-EXAM AND attend
a Level 3 Clinic with permission of the Training Committee.

A Level 4 exam will be made available at the level 3 .  You must write the national exams every
year. If you fail to write an exam each year (as you are required to), you will be excluded from the
national program for the following year.

The National fee must be paid along with our provincial registration fee each year, paying for the
following year (example, pay in 2014 for 2015season).The National fee is not refundable if you do
not want to be national certified the following year. Neither is it refundable if you do not pass your
national exam.  
All National Exams must be written before June 1st to be eligible for next year certification.

The Level 4 program is difficult but rewarding, unfortunately only a few assignments are available
each year. There  are more level 4 umpires then assignments. The BNSUD selection committee
will  recommend the selections to the National body. The wait will be worth it when you finally
reach the Nationals.
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